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Question about brushless drills


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I have a couple Milwaukee 18v brushless drills that have started acting up, or rather, not at all, for really short periods. Simple explanation is that very occasionally they just stop running for a little bit. They're not low on battery power, I always check that first. They just stop running for about 20-30 seconds, sometimes taking the battery out and putting it back fixes this, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the light on the underside will come on when I squeeze the trigger, sometimes it doesn't.


Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what the causes might be.

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2 hours ago, BMack37 said:

Are you pushing them hard? It's weird you have two with the same issue. Generally with two of anything acting up in the same way you have to look at the common ground for the cause of the issue.

Maybe? I'm taking out a lot of screws, and sometimes they're stuck pretty good so I have to press or they get stripped.

1 hour ago, justinkendall said:

I’m going to second overload protection. If you use them for a lot of repeated holes with no break in between they can get hot and the overload protection will shut them down until they cool off. I’ve had it happen on impact drivers a few times.

As above, not holes, but screws, and yeah they pretty much run in short bursts for long periods, until I find something that requires prying or hammering to take apart.

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I have a 2703 fuel gen 2 drill that did this a couple weeks ago.  I didn't think I was pushing it real hard I think I was on my 5th hole drilling 3/8" holes in 3/16" steel.  It drilled a 1/4" pilot hole just fine and I went to switch drill bits, pulled the trigger and nothing.  I had to take the battery off and put it back on to get it going again.  Not sure what caused it but so far it hasn't been an issue since.

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I get it on my Ryobi BL drill, just have to take battery off and back on and she's good to go. This is not temp related, just a periodic spasm in the electronics. 


Try clamping your hand over the motor to gauge temps. My M28 combi can run so hot that the air coming out of the motor vents starts to cause discomfort to my hand! Never shut down yet though. Lordy, I love that drill! 

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2 hours ago, Jronman said:

You may be covering the vents which can cause faster heat buildup and will trigger the temperature saftey. I have heard Milwaukee's ventilation is something their tools struggle with.


Wouldn't surprise me if that's the case...compared to Makita and other companies the Milwaukee power drills/impacts have noticeably fewer vents.

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