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My tools / ToughSystem Racking

Mr. Yellow

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Ok, this is not my entire set since most of it sits inside a van. I rather don't take it all out for a picture.
Maybe sometime when I have redone the inside of the van.

In the meantime, here's my new D55155 air compressor. I bolted some wheels onto the frame since I don't want to carry this thing around too much. In the works is a retractable handle, similar to some of DeWalt's wheeled compressors.
Why? Because DeWalt air compressors are discontinued in the EU and there weren't any with wheels. Got lucky to got this one new from a DeWalt Center in my country. Pretty much the last one available.










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Well then, let it have a shiny new yellow coating :)

It's actually pretty easy to disassemble to got the bare tank/frame to paint. You only need to cover up the mounting holes  so paint won't hit the female threads.

Then get yourself the labelkit from DeWalt service. It has all the stickers in one kit. Will look brand spanking new.

After all, it's a DeWalt, so you gotta treat it well :D

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Thanks! It's a water/pressure tank that you use with wall saws or with diamond drilling equipment. That is, if no water connection is available (or too far away)

DeWalt has a whole range of diamond drilling equipment.

Or you can use it to water the plants in the backyard ;D

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I was unaware DEWALT made such a thing. It even looks pretty cool too!

And it's one of the better ones available. There are a lot of plastic models, but the DeWalt is metal, has a pressure valve and pressure gauge. The modelnumber is D215824.

is that a removeable chuck i see for the hammer drill?

and what diamond tools does dewalt offer over there?

Yep. The chuck is removeable. It came with 2. An SDS+ chuck and a regular chuck for bits and stuff.

It's a pretty nice line of diamond tools.

The D21853K diamond drill (there are 3 versions)


Or the D21585


Vacuum pump for drilling stand


Drilling stand (3 models)


And a bunch of accessories for the above, like clamps or anchors

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I am currently redoing the inside of one of our company vans.
I'm halfway there. Already did the sides, doors, raised floor and divider.
Almost finished the part that holds my DW744 tablesaw. Thinking of adding an aluminum rail to hold the sawblades. I know you can store them on the saw, but I don't like them to grind over eachother like that.

Also will be finishing up the back in the coming weeks I hope. This is the last week of work before the 3-week summer holiday. So 3 weeks to spent inside the van instead of outside ;)
Will be adding a custom build Toughsystem system. Ordered in several of the new cases.
Pics will follow when done.


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that looks really nicely done.

Thanks! :)

Is your van really yellow!?

Yep. It's just a coincidence though. Back in the day we used to have orange vans and a truck.

Then in 2003 we bought 2 new ones and had the others repainted. They changed the color to yellow. That was before things went all DeWALT ;)

Not my choice though. I opted for black.

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Here's the current update of my van rebuild.


Received some aerosol racks a day or two ago. I've seen many, tried some but these are the best I could find. Made in the USA. In the back is my new DWS780.


The other side. This is where I will mount aluminum rails. I drilled a lot of holes for the height adjustment of the ToughSystem brackets that go onto the rails. I can't wait till the last parts come in so I can finally organize my cases. They are all over the place everytime. Edit. the parts came in today so I can start finishing the racks.


And the side. Now with airvents on the left so the pressure when shutting the sliding door can escape through there. Otherwise the pressure has nowhere to go and the door just won't lock in place.

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