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Six Pack Charger


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Milwaukee is releasing an updated model this one only charged one battery at a time the new one is supposed to charge more batteries at one time and faster

That's the one I will get. Last time I looked for it, I couldn't find it. When is it supposed to be released?

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Yep im looking forward to it, I burn up batteries fast using the hole hawg drilling out houses. Right now I just use 2 seperate chargers and they barely keep up on big houses so its gonna be nice when I can just have one and keep up. I really should be using the corded hole hawg still but I hate cords and the m18 is so much lighter.

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how many holes can you drill with the hole hawg?

With my aggressive drilling style I get 130 or so before the 4.0 starts throwing a temp code and shuts the tool down.  If I take it easy I can get around 200 on a 4.0, but thats drilling maybe a hole every 10 seconds vs a hole every couple seconds like a typically push it drilling a house.  This is using a 3/4"x18" bosch daredevil auger bit.

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I work with a general contractor, yesterday I saw a plumbing team with 2 corded hole hawgs, and they drilled a 5000 sqft house in no time! They also had m12 impact drivers, m18 sawzalls, hacksaw, and drills. It was a dream to see so many red tools around, their only mistake was to have those corded yellow circular saws when they could of had m18 fuel circular saw!

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