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Your guys Harbor Freight gems


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Going along with the other Harbor Freight post I was wondering what you guys have bought from there that has turned out to be a great buy from there. I have bought their new professional 1/4 and 3/8 long handle flex head ratchets and a 6 inch digital caliper that is accurate to one thousandth of an inch ( I checked it with a feeler gauge ). So far they have worked out great so far. What are your guys recent gems from there?

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we don't have a Harbor Freight here but we have a Tool Town which from what I gather is about the same thing.....while going thru the entire shop there are mostly cheap consumables worth buying......I did buy a drywall lift for $160 that was worth every penny.....

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I have a Harbor Freight about 5 minutes from my house. It's like having a crackhead, whose dealer is sitting on the corner of the street. :)


With everything that you buy, set your expectations accordingly. I tend to pass anything that has a cord attached too it. However I did purchase their 4 /12 angle grinder for $10 and that thing works great for what I do even though it's a huge POS.


I've had great luck with the Nitril Gloves, Shop Rags, Micro-Fibers. The free flashlights are great...as long as you swap the batteries out as you buy them The ones that come with it are usually leaking and eat the contacts.


I've had great luck with all of the Pittsburgh Pro Hand Tools


Breaker Bar




Metric Impact Sockets 



Quick Release Extension



Gear Wrenches






Ratchet - My favorite as of late




Just picked this one up



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I have about a half dozen of HF's ratchets. I put some serious force on the 1/2" long flex when I removed the spare tire that the jack wagon who put it on must have run the lugs in with his impact wrench at full power... Picture a 330 pound guy bouncing on it to try and get them loose. Had to have been well over 500 ft/lbs.

Nitrile gloves

3 ton floor jack (I freakin' LOVE this thing)

I play with the red tool boxes every time I go in there. Maybe one day...

I bought a set of the color coded 1/4" deep sockets. Can't say I've used them much, but they've been okay thus far...

My son loves the free/cheap flashlights. But the batteries are terrible.

I intend to get a couple of the dead blow hammers fairly soon. I'd like to get the 3" electric cut off tool, but four angle grinders make that kind of redundant... The 60 gallon compressor is supposed to be pretty decent. I want to get the 3 ton low profile jack, depending on whether my current jack will get under the GF's Volvo. If my current one fits, I'll probably just get a twin to my current one.

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I knew about the 220/240v already, but thanks for the heads up. I'm going to have to get an electrician in anyway, wiring is not something I'm comfortable with my skill set. I want to add a buttload of lighting and more outlets to the garage, so I should be able to bet it knocked out in one trip out.

Might add another plug for a future welder and/or plasma cutter....

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we don't have a Harbor Freight here but we have a Tool Town which from what I gather is about the same thing.....while going thru the entire shop there are mostly cheap consumables worth buying......I did buy a drywall lift for $160 that was worth every penny.....

Agreed on the drywall lift. If ever any of you have any amount drywall work, expecially ceilings, do yourself a favor and rent or buy a drywall lift. My harbor freight unit is great.

I usually buy their 5mil nitrile gloves whenever I'm there

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Here's an article I did awhile back about the diamonds in the rough that is Harbor Freight.


I ran seperate 220V's for my compressor and welders. I had a single 220 already there coming with 30 amps on 8/3 from the box. Problem is it was in the worst possible place.

I took the old outlet out and re-ran it with 10/2 from the junction. The breaker went bad and I stuck a 40A I had on hand in it's place. I meant to get a 30A next time I was out, but to be honest I forgot all about it until this post. A home inspector probably wouldn't like it, but neither of those items are going to pull enough amperage to cause any issues. I wouldn't use that set-up on an outlet under constant load, but the intermittent load of both these items has been fine.

I do need to get a 30A in there though.....someday

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i got air hose reel, the rubber hose cracked and gave out quickly, but the reel itself was worth the cost, replaced the hose with flexzilla hose setup.

This was my same experience. After about a year of exclusively indoor use with little chemical exposure, the hose blew out and was ready to blow in about 4 other places. I suppose the tears of Chinese slave children weakens the elasticity or something.

I promptly replaced it with a Tekton hybrid and have been delighted ever since

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For us hobby woodworkers, their sanding sponges are great! I was truly amazed by not only how well they worked, but how long they lasted.




Thanks - I didn't realize they sold these. I use them all of the time when I'm cleaning up aluminum or stainless steel parts.

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I just bought some nylon, brass, and steel bristle detail brushes to clean up some grime around this apartment before I move out and I tell you what, best $1.79 I have spent in a long time. 


These come in a 3 pack and the handles are curved so it makes scrubbing super easy and less strenuous. They hold up super well and do a lot of scrubbing. I cleaned the stove, around my brushed stainless steel sink, shower tiles, round the faucets and drains. I even cleaned up some rust off of my Leatherman and a few other things around the place and they are still ticking! 




Harbor Freight also has a 6 piece set for $1.99 which really, it's a better deal because it comes with the 3 detail brushes but it also comes with full-size brushes as well.  The handles aren't as nice but they will definitely do the trick. http://www.harborfreight.com/6-piece-detail-brush-set-93610.html



I'll go to HF every once in a while to pick up odds and ends  like sand paper, sanding discs, stuff like that. Their 5'' random orbit hook and loop pads aren't too bad for what they are. They certainly are not Diablo pads, but in a pinch, they'll get the job done.  The various dremel / rotary bits they sell are also not too bad. The diamond bits are actually pretty tough and last a long time, they are a fraction of the cost of the dremel brand.


The key to getting the best stuff at HF is to think practical. If something seems to be way too good to be true, it probably is.  A lot of their handheld power tools are not really worth it, but sometimes you can find diamonds in the rough.  It's definitely best to check out reviews and see what others have had experience with before purchasing something like a power tool from them.

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I completely agree that you need to set your expectations accordingly whenever you buy anything with an electrical motor from HF.


With that being said, I have to give a huge thumbs up to this particular drill. I bought it about 3-4 years ago for the sole purpose of doing rust removal and metal prep utilizing wire wheels. With all of the dust and debris this thing has ingested I'm completely amazed that it's still running strong.



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