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my recon item from CPO Outlet


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alright guys, i just wanted to share my experience and the pictures with you.


here a slideshow:




here a copy out of the other CPO Outlet post:

received the air compressor yesterday (06/07/15). i am so disappointed. its a factory reconditioned.

item didnt came in the original Bosch box. just a sturdy cardboard box. i opened the box and i just smelled oil.

i took it out and i inspected it.


oil was almost everywhere at the air compressor,

manufacturer patched up the damaged air compressor cage with paint ,

plastic housing/ cover from the motor scratched up.

1 rubber foot was broken off,

rust and oil at the bottom of the air tanks,

paint job comes off the air tanks, kinda looks like rust bubbles or so,

air filter dirty,


i have no clue who reconditioned that item but my thoughts it just got the Recon sticker and they threw it back in the box.

no cleaning - nothing.

still paid $300 for that tool - i definitely gonna send it back. i hope they take care of the return shipping costs for a almost 100lbs item.


CPO is dead for me....how can you sell items like that, in that condition and for that kinda price. that tool is maybe $100 worth or less. that something what you find at a garage sale or something.

i didnt take any pictures....because i threw it back in the box withing 15mins of inspection.

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Wow, that is awful!! Did you hear back from CPO at all yet about getting your money back yet? I will say Bosch deserves a little bit of crap too though they should have scrapped that compressor. That thing was used and abused.

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yeah that air compressor has seen better times. i wanna know how the Recon Department works or if anybody even signed for that item that its OK for re-sale

no i still have to contact them. but first i wanna post something on facebook like you said. all those pictures are going online

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that is just 1 reason why I won't bother with them or a company like them......being in that they are a Reconditioned selling depot they actually have a licence to steal......some kid in the back warehouse gets a drill in......throws a battery in it pulls the trigger if it works bingo goes on the web site at 10% off retail.....

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My one and only experience with CPO went smoothly, but I bought a new tool (M12 Fuel impact wrench). A co-worker placed an order that I got in on, and my grinder box had a little oil on it but the grinder was fine (and a Fein, LOL). I'll be keeping an eye open from now on...

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She sounds like a good wife surprising you with tools keep her, at least she tried don't be to hard on her. Hopefully they make it right 

i am definitely not hard on her. she was just so upset that the surprise didn't work out so well. but i told her its not her fault.

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