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Aging Wood.....


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so I put together a small little project and the objective was to see how well I could age the wood to make it look older.....here is a small sleigh tea light with the aging finished......



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Nice comp. I like that aged wood look. Did you do the steel wool/vinegar method?

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thanks guys, no actually I tried something far more easier and less messy and smelly.....took 2 tea spoons of lin seed oil, and added 3 drops of black rustoleum paint and mixed it together  rubbed it on with a cloth and a second cloth to wipe clean worked fast and great result. 

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You know they have a blue pill now for aging wood, right? [emoji16]

Seriously man that looks nice. My wife had me build a couple mantels for the fireplace and she wanted them aged. I didn't realize how hard it was to intentionally make something look old and random. Good work brotha!

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thanks guys, so I got in to this a little deeper and have been trying things to see how they would turn out......with little effort I managed to pretty much duplicate an old look .......same procedure but with a few nicks and bangs here and there, notice how I made the top plate look like three pieces of wood but really it is not. also showing you the bottom side that I didn't treat......





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