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18v cordless sds rotary hammer which one?


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Hi guys,

Which one of these two cordless sds rotary hammer should i buy:

Bosch 3/4 181-01

Milwaukee 1" 2712-22

-I need to dril holes between 5/32" to 1/2"

-A bit of concrete chipping

-Already own Milwaukee and Bosch 18v tools

-Rarely overhead drilling

-Budget doesn't matter

Which one is the best??




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Test the two if possible. Speed isn't the only thing to consider when you get a rotary hammer with chipping function. If you need to channel out wall or floor or drill holes for hours on end, you want the tool with better shock absorption over the one that gets it done a little faster. Also important is balance, size and weight. 

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I got rid of my Fuel SDS. It was a very capable rotary hammer drill.

Design wise, the selector switch is clunky. It feels cheap. The balance is a little off as well. It's fine for the odd anchor, but I wouldn't want to use it all day again.

Battery life is actually quite good, on a full 4.0 I could do anchors all day on 1 - 1.5 batteries

The chipping is ok as well.

It was pretty lackluster driving ground rods but that isn't its intended use.

Also, it's noisy. Not just loud, it's supposed to be loud, but motor whine, bearing screech etc.

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I have the Bosch and that sds loves concrete! I did some testing with it between my 36v Dewalt and 110v Dewalt. It beat both of them. My only gripe is the handle/grip style. I prefer it like the Milwaukee but I love my Bosch anyway.

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