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Aftermarket batteries


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I know some manufacturers have electronics in place to record every battery that is clipped into the tool. If a 3rd party battery is used it will void the warranty on the tool. Something good to consider. Not sure if that is the deal with m12


This is the main reason why I'd shy away from one. You'll save some money but you'll also get less total run time and less life of the battery, in the end you'll still probably save money...as long as the battery doesn't fail prematurely. I believe Milwaukee has a 2 year warranty on batteries so the insurance might be worth the additional cost.

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There's a good reason knockoff batteries are so much cheaper than oem batteries.  Many skimp on the control circuitry, use unreliable cells, lie about the specs, or all three.  They have almost no incentive to produce a good, reliable product.  If one of these batteries catches fire and ruins a tool (knockoff batteries catching fire is actually quite common) there's nothing you can do, whereas Makita is facing a class action lawsuit just because some batteries stopped holding a charge prematurely (mostly for safety reasons).


I would switch to a cheaper brand of tools like ryobi before buying knockoff batteries.

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Never bought a cheap china knockoff battery that actually lasts. Since the cell is faulty speced with no overhead. It charges 100% and then almost discharges to 0% to get the same capacity as quality batteries. But of course, they even lie about it as well.

But without any headroom, the battery is inn for a hellish life, living on the edge. And the capacity/effective life will drop rapidly. This could be tenfolds the real batteries.

And then there is the internal resistance. They would probably not have any low internal resistance at all (very important aspect), meaning it will heat up quickly, and deliver a lot lower voltage under load (meaning the tool will not operate at its full potensial). Much like the power you get when the normal batteries is almost fully discharged.

So... is it worth it? No. Just buy cheaper tools like ryobi or something.

And this is not thinking about the safety aspect. The batteries is expensive for a reason.

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