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Wife gets new floors...


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New Floors 002 by Edward Durbin, on Flickr



...and I get new benchtop...




Benchtop 002 by Edward Durbin, on Flickr




So long story short, our daughter is allergic to...well, everything. It'd be easier to say what she's not allergic to. But, to help get rid of dust the wife decided to get hardwood floors. Another long story short...I redid my garage so we had room to park both cars inside (that'll be a different thread if I decide to bore everyone with the details). Took a weekend and an hour here and there to tidy up and whatnot. But, the moral of the current story is...I swiped some of the leftovers from the flooring and made a top for my bench. Looks better in person, and is a nice surface to play on.




Oh, and yes, I'm still around. You guys are lucky enough that I don't pop in to cause trouble any more but I'm still lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce...

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Looks nice. I wish wood floors would work in South Florida but the high humidity is a killer 

In Florida the only option you have is the tile that looks like hard wood flooring. I will say some of the stuff they make now is pretty freaking impressive and looks damn close to wood.

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In Florida the only option you have is the tile that looks like hard wood flooring. I will say some of the stuff they make now is pretty freaking impressive and looks damn close to wood.

Yea I've seen that but it still looks like tile to me, maybe I've only seen cheap stuff. There going to put some really expensive stuff in a mansion here in a few weeks, maybe it would look like real wood. I can't wait to see what the finish project looks like. 

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I like the new floor, the new bench and the blown Camaro.....



The Camaro, and a few other 1/18-scale cars, are all that remains of a Muscle Machines collection I had. There's a couple more cars in the attic. Once they started getting out of hand with the different series I quit, then got sick of storing them and got rid of them. Muscle Machines packed-up shop, then (I think) Maisto bought them. I have a bunch of Maisto stuff on a shelf in the office, but I don't go willy-nilly buying that kind of stuff anymore. Gets ridiculous after a while.


The floor looks great Kato!!! Nice to see you stopping by Kato its been awhile!



I still view the forum every day, just don't think I have much to say these days. My mind is typically focused on the bullshit I have to deal with at work. I don't even have time to talk to the voices in my head very much these days...

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Yes I have to agree with everyone's comments here Kato, the floors and room are very nice. I have a project coming up to redo the upstairs hallway with bellawood's Brazilian cherry. It's small, the only way I can afford the hardwood lol. I'll post pics when it's done.

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Yo Kato my man, that is some slick work you did on them floors, I also like what you did with the workbench. And that is one sweet tv, I assume thats a 50 inch, looks like a 50. I got a 60 inch plasma in the living room, and I got a 47 inch LED on my computer room wall. I gotta tell yeah, it was like night and day difference when I left the ugly CRT 360P world, to the HD flat screen 1080P world lol. I also love the peace and noel signs, one of my most favorite Christmas hymes is the first noel.  :D


It's a 60", but size doesn't matter...right?? I've got a 22" in the garage and a 32" in the office. More than big enough in those areas for me.


Better photo...



New Floors 004 by Edward Durbin, on Flickr


@Kato dude there have been so many posts popping up I missed this one. That's one great job you did sir!



I'd say thanks but I didn't install the floors. Not that I couldn't, just that I won't. Way too much work for me, it'd take two weeks for me to do what two guys did in two days. There's no way I'm moving all the furniture and disassembling the entertainment center and all of that. I'll take my swords down, and put them up when it's done. Otherwise, nope, too lazy for all of that nonsense.

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