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this time its the gorilla gripper - what you guys think about this one (maybe some already heard about it)

i wished i had that one couple weeks ago when i moved my drywalls.

but i still might gonna buy one haha.


cost about $39 + s/h

at amazon for $47 with free s/h



here the product vid for the TIA Crew   :P




and here the normal one:




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Wow.. that is a great tool.. back shoulder and elbow saver right there!! I have one of the sheet goods carrier that hooks under the bottom edge and has a handle but it's no where as funftional as this so it never gets used.

I might just have to pick up a few. One to keep in the truck for materials runs one for my guys truck and one for on the job site to move materials around..

I had my guy really hurt his elbow earlier this year moving 3/4 subfloor and he was out for a day and then had to baby it for a while. It's worth the 40 just to avoid this in the future!!!

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which one you guys gonna buy, there are 3 different models


Choose from 3 models to accommodate these panel thickness ranges:

-  Gorilla Gripper ‘GP’ .. 0 to 3/4”  (0 to 21mm)
-  Gorilla Gripper ‘Contractor’ .. 3/8” to 1-1/8”  (9 to 29mm)
-  Gorilla ‘Door’ Gripper .. 1-1/4” to 2”  (31 to 52mm)

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