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Finally !! Batteries with Capacity Indicator Leds


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Today I got a new Keynote from my Makita representative in the store.  The most interesting thing:



For those of you not speaking dutch ( Like everyone on here? =p  )


Batteries with a Led capacity indicator are finally coming.

Here in belgium it's a 'silent' release which means no model number will change. No price on a tool will change.   As soon as old stock of the tools are gone they will start shipping newer ones with the 'new' batteries.


Only a small icon on the outside of box can tell us if the 'newer' batteries will be included.


There's no time frame yet. All I know is that the batteries are in production and that I'll get them automatically in my store when old stock is gone.


I've already contacted Makita Belgium to see if there are any tools yet which have these batteries at this time.  Want to take a pic :)

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Of course these are coming out. I just bought 2 5.0aH batteries.

I feel ya.. I got five 4ah batteries at the beginning of the year just before the 5's came out and now this...

It will take me a while before I transition over to batteries that have the indicators but it's better now than never!

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i suppose that picture indicates that there are 4 lights, like Milwaukee and FEIN. I reckon they should have stepped it up to five, but its a great step for Makita!

better 4 than the 3 they put on their tools.. I never liked how with 2 out of 3 bars you could have anywhere between 50% (enough for a decent amount of work with some tools) or 20% (not enough for anything) 50-20% is too wide of a range
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Thus is some real progressive thinking :) I wasn't much of a believer in the indicators just thought they were a waste of money and could be used elsewhere on the tool, but since getting my 20vs and the m12 I no longer need to put my batteries in a line so I knew which ones were full or not. Now I can't live with out them....times are changing!

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Here's a page from the Latin America Makita catalog.




Shows us ( very small )  the BL1850B,  BL1840B and the BL1820B.


4.0 Amp,  5.0 Amp en 2.0 Amp batteries with battery indicator :)  


As soon as i get my hands on one I'll post pics !

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Thats an ' old ' type of battery thats been along for some time but wasnt available in all countries and was quite expensive :)

Damn, I like having the fuel gauge on the front of the battery because on certain tools (for example the sds drills) the back of the battery is covered by the tool and you have to remove battery to check fuel level.

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