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i just found out that Bosch gonna make a little tour thru the US and Canada.

check out if they come close to you.




i will go to several events in my area, ok i have to drive a little bit, but yeah...there is a chance of a free tool haha and special promotions and of course playing around with tools!


here are the locations i will go to, if someone is available, hes more than welcome to join me.

gonna be fun!


16 April (Thur.) - maybe

Roseburrough Tools

630 N. Batavia St. Orange, CA 92868



23 April (Thur.)

HUB Construction

379 S I St. San Bernardino, CA 92410



27 April (Mon.) - maybe

Arrow Tools

1335 S. Claudina St. Anaheim, CA 92805



28 April (Tue.)

Thompson Construction

1169 Sherborn St., Corona, CA 92879



29 April (Wed.)

HUB Construction

1856 S Bon View Ave. Ontario, CA 91761


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I'm pretty lucky to have a few near me but I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it.. I'll have to see if I'm around and free.

It would be cool to go but I don't have much in the way of Bosch anymore. Worm drive, few lasers and the router motor I keep mounted in my table but it sounds like it's on its last leg and will probably get replaced with a PC 7518

Free swag is free swag though!!

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the company where they actually made the event didnt receive there free stuff in time.

so they couldnt hand out shirts or free stuff.

deals are everywhere different. that company just had one deal, when you spend 750 bucks in bosch tools you will get a $200 gift card to a local shoe store (for those safety work shoes)

so i was not really interested in buying anything there. lets say, not for that amount lol.


today i will drive out to another store where bosch has the event too.

the store offers 20% all items in the store....so i will see if i can find something there.

but sometimes their "normal" price is higher than competitors and even with the 20% off its not worth it.

so yeah, it depends :D


but i think i will walk out with some more empty lboxx's today and maybe some kreg automaxx clamps when they have some.

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I was kind of bummed. They didn't really have it together. I stopped by two events. Pretty lame if you ask me. Seems like more of a big promotional event to sell tools than anything. Nothing new. They tried to hype up some tools that have been out for a year. The Bluethooth LDM that I've had for nearly a year was "new".

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They were in Indianapolis on the 26th and I just found this thread today. I'm kinda bummed man I would have liked to have checked this out, especially since I seem to slowly be replacing all my tools with Bosch. Oh well, I guess this is just a sign I need to stay more active on here so I don't miss out on things like this. Thanks for the posts.

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