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Dewalt 2400 wet tile saw


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How accurate would you say the cut is with porcelain tile?

I have a rubi bridge saw and the cut is always wondering off 90' and not always dead straight either, very frustrating when using narrow grout joints. More often than not its actually the blade the requires refreshing with a cleaning block, but personally I think it's to do with how low the blade sits. Unfortunately you can't adjust the blade height on a bridge saw!

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What's up with the auxiliary sprayer? I didn't see that on mine either. Can you post a pic?

The auxiliary sprayer sounds like a great feature. When it is time for us to upgrade our tile saw it will be between this and the Bosch.

These two were some of my final contenders.. in my research everything pointed to the Dewalt being the better saw.. I just tiled my first job with it (full bath, floor, tile to ceiling around tub and 4' all the other walls) the saw worked wonderfully!! Might swap the blade for the next job though as there was not much but a little chipping on the cuts.

huge step up from my old 7" grinder motor saw.

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Ability to cut up to 24" long tiles

Plunge Fearlture

Ease of transport


Table glides smoothly

Water tray separates silt and water well.

Bevel option on the motor.

Precision sprayer on blade

Auxiliary sprayer for rinsing tile.

I haven't ever seen it, just saw it in this list.

I still use an older MK 7" grinder style saw. It does ok. I use a cheap 7" table style wet saw more than anything.

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I've been agonizing over the purchase of this saw. Could someone post a picture of the bottom/mounting location of the tile saw? I know that it has a folding stand, but I'd like to put it on a collapsible rolling miter stand. To go with the miter, planer and table saw that are already mounted!

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So what your saying is that there's a possibility (with modifications)... Ugh. I had expected that it wouldn't be so easy.

In theory, you might be able to drill holes through the tray and base to secure it but I suspect that wouldn't be the best idea. Even if you used rubber washers to prevent it from leaking, I don't think the tray is designed to stand up to the stress of being in a vertical position for an extended period of time. There's a good chance that it would crack from opening and closing and that would put a damper on your tiling project.

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Not sure why you would want to have the whole assembly bolted together. Have you considered the cleaning aspect? I do a lot of tiling. At the end of the day there is a lot of tile residue at the bottom of the tray. For me clean up always involves taking the table off and bringing all the components outside for a hose down.

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I guess you could use some long pieces of threaded rod from the stand all the way up through the base of the saw. Use double nuts and loctite to set your spacing. Then put wing nuts on the very top to hold the saw on for easy removal.

However, the base is cast and I'd be very concerned with it fracturing.

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So this post is not to show off my work but to show the precision of the saw in case there are some on the fence about picking one up.


First off I installed the base, shower faucet, mould/moisture resistant wallboard, and then the Kerdi waterproofing.



Then I installed the 12x24 porcelain tiles in a horizontal grid pattern.



The top row of tiles needed to be ripped a bit leaving slivers.  What I found impressive was that the slivers (1/8" to 1/4" wide) remained intact!



That is precision!


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