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New tool day!


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The new Makita XSH03Z brushless cordless circ saw came in today. I think it was swaglo that posted his so I blame him since I had been wanting one as well, I think we even got it from the same place! Looking forward to putting this guy into the rotation. It's a great time to be a tool junkie fellas!8588f0a9beb01e3aa4403bb82a121d04.jpg

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Okay, it's probably not how it is meant to be done, and has probably some kind of safety issues if not done properly.

But I actually had to enlarge the arbor size on my last saw-blade with a step drill bit. Worked / fitted beautiful, and it runs without any vibrations. 

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Can anyone tell me if the arbor in the States is different to here in Europe. I was gonna order some diablo blades for my saw but they all say 5/8 arbor which is about 15.4mm by my calculations but my saw says it has a 20mm arbor.

It is different. You could use a 20mm blade on a 5/8" arbor if you use a reducer bushing, but not the other way around.

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