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Flexvolt circular saw!!!!!!!!!


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Not as heavy as I thought it would be!! It is a it heavier than the 18/20v trim saw but not so much so it is cumbersome.

As for a lumber hook I can't see a means of fitting one but that's not to say that it is not possible.

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I have had the saw for just over a week now and I have been battering it over the last few days!!


I have one thing to say about it.....



!!!!!!!!!! THE SAW IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!


The power behind it is just AWESOME. It powers through everything I have thrown at it.

I have cut a number of materials with it over the last week from 12 mm OSB to 25 mm ply, from roofing batten to 4" x 2" on a 45 degree angle. The only time I have noticed the motor even give the slightest sign of slowing down was when I was cutting some wet 4" x 2" along the grain, but even then it cut well.


I have always had Dewalt saws, corded and cordless and I have never realised that I have been missing an LED light!! it is great and it is positioned really well. (I know this is not new on other brands of saws!) 


The battery indicator, when pressed stays on for a few seconds after release and then fades out. I thought that this was a nice touch. Weight wise the battery is about 1/3 heavier than the 5 amp so it is noticeable but not so much so I would complain. ( I have not weighed them both so that is not an accurate comparison, just an estimate to how they feel in my hand).


It is comfortable to use, the blade being on the right as appose to blade on the left like on the trim saw is not a factor as there is excellent visibility from a well designed and positioned opening in the blade guard through to the cutting point.


I own a Dewalt DWE575K which has a lot of the same characteristics as the flexvolt saw and I am ALMOST seriously thinking of putting it in storage because the flexvolt saw is so good!!!


ALMOST  !?!?


One down fall (its not massive though) is the run time :( it feels a little like going back to the days when I was using the 18v Nano 2amp stem packs on a trim saw.

Because I use the DCS391 (pic above) a lot with 5 amp batteries, the run time on that is good.

It is hard to describe how it feels! It just does not feel like it runs for quite long enough. This might be the fact that I only have 2 flexvolt batteries at the moment as appose to the 20 I have that will go in the trim saw 22 if the flexvolt ones are included. And I don't normally charge my batteries on site, so when they are dead they are DEAD until I get home. But I have had to charge a few on site to get me through the day. 

I might feel different when I purchase a few more. I think having 4 might be enough for the days I am using it intensely.

But I do plan on getting the 12" mitre saw in the new year when it is released, PLUS others.

So I can see 20 flexvolt batteries being bought over the next 12 months or more to cover the other tools I intend on getting if the conversation I had with my tool guy is anything to go off. Lots of things to come apparently!! With a few hints ;) 




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5 hours ago, midogrumpy said:


looks like you got the saw with "normal" saw shoe

I mean the base plate

the option to be compatible with track saw rails is great

actually a nust have !

you shoulddefinately upgrade that option !




Yes I have seen the DCS576 with the track base.

The track base actually has 6mm less on the depth of cut than the normal base, 61mm as appose to 67mm. 

Plus I am waiting for the flexvolt plunge saw to come out in Q1 of next year. 

I am not really interested in using my DCS575 on a track. 

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I don't think Milwaukee has any plans to deviate from M18. Especially with the 9.0. Dewalt is chasing power, Milwaukee is chasing run time while delivering a solution that's a realistic corded replacement. FlexVolt is basically all about giving us the actual corded tool or better. I think FlexVolt will get work done quicker but need fresh batteries sooner.


12" mitre vs 10". More power, more capacity, but a bigger blade and more juice required. Hence Mikwaukee bragging about more cuts in base. 


5800 rpm circular saw running on a 2.0 ah battery: I wouldn't be surprised to see the 2731 win a runtime test.


9000 rpm 13 amp equivalent grinder screams power. Cordless grinder battery life sucks to begin with.


The table saw is 8.5" because 10" would likely have been a 120v Max tool.


The recip is basically a run of the mill brushless recip so not much to say there.


The joist drill is the wild card for me. Can't wait to see it vs Hole Hawg and Super Hawg. Seems to have the advantages of

 both without the size and weight of the Super. 


Personally, I like the idea of FlexVolt, but mainly because I'm so new to Dewalt that it doesn't bug me that it's a new platform. If Milwaukee did it I'd be less enthused. With the 9.0 out I wouldn't be surprised to see gen2 Fuel Sawzall, grinders, full size circ saw, etc. 

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