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hardly any grease in my new DCF899 impact wrench


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i just bought a dewalt dcf899 impact wrench.  its a nice tool, but why no grease in it??

i literally used it one time to change my mower blades, and then it started making an aweful noise and chatter when free spinning with no load.  i noticed right at the anvil shaft that there was some black fine powder.  so i decided to take it apart and low and behold, hardly any grease inside. and absolutely no grease at all on the anvil shaft or the bushing in the case.

it seems to be a common theme with dewalts to be under greased, but this is ridiculous.  and i'd hate to think how many other of these impacts have no grease.

by the way, the impact works real smooth now, after i added grease.  i'm just not happy about the premature wear from running with no grease.
















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I don't think there needs to be that much grease in there, I have rebuilt pneumatic impacts and there wasn't a huge amount of grease. I think all it needs is a coating it's not like a gear case, but again pneumatics you should continually add oil to the tool for proper operation


How do you like the gun though? I really want on of these but don't need one at the moment.


Was it as powerful as you expected?

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There should have been more than that, but there isn't a lot of grease in them to start with. 

i can understand not to have a lot of grease, but to have absolutely none on the anvil??  even just a dab with a finger would have been way better than nothing.

when the impact was making the chattering noise, it would go away when i pressed in on the anvil tip while running, plus seeing the wear dust, so thats when i figured i better open it up to see whats going on.


its just kind of a shame, that with as nicely designed this impact is, that it makes it out the factory(blame china, lol) without the simplest of things(grease).

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Mass production will always have a few rejects. Luckily you knew what to look/listen for.

Awhile ago, when I got my M18 fuel impact, I had to exchange the first 2. The forward/reverse switch on the first one wouldn't lock and just slid back and forth. The second one made the loudest screech and clacking sound when you took your finger off the trigger!

The third one was good!

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I don't fully know but if you look at a parts list for the dcf899 the only grease that is listed is G-2008 Molykote.  I think this is the same lube they use in the gear cases of a lot of tools but that must be all they're using as they don't have anything else listed.  I'm no grease expert but I would say the exact grease probably isn't real critical.  A couple things to keep in mind though, too much gerase will actually make the impact not hit as hard and there aren't any seals in the nose cone so if it's too light of a grease when it heats up it might get messy leaking grease.

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On 9/1/2019 at 6:15 AM, Robrob said:

I'm struggling to find out what the correct grease is for these, every person I ask says just put this in or just put that in. Anyone here actually fully know the correct grease ?

any grease is better than no grease, but i think any grease that contains moly will be good.

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