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Bosch cordless garden tools


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On 1/2/2016 at 6:37 AM, PROTOOLNUT said:


That looks like one of the coolest cordless lawn mowers I've ever seen. You are so right in that it looks like a gas engine on there. My only problem with cordless powered lawn mowers is that they cost as much as their gas counterparts. You usually find these things going for around 400 dollars. I always thought the reason why mowers were so expensive is because engines are expensive. They should really get the price down on these things cause again, there is no engine so yeah. I am happy with what Bocsh is doing with their OPE line, SWEET :D

They have some advantages over gas though, such as being lighter, easier to start, more compact, quieter and less maintenance.

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On 3/19/2016 at 0:29 PM, WigWagWorkshop said:

I would love to see an actual cost comparison to manufacture a gas vs battery vs plugin electric mower. 



Check out the ferrari of cordless OPE Pellenc.


Their catalog on their website gives you a good comparison between gas costs and energy costs.


Li-ion wins by a looooong shot

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From what I've seen of the bosch OPE lineup, its the best engineered OPE you can't buy in the US. Perhaps if the US Pro OPE cordless market demand catches up to the Europeans, we will start seeing these available in the US. I especially like the way Bosch has introduced the option to change the head from string cutter to brush cutter blade. Hope Ego offers this soon.


I also like the handlebar design with harness capability, but I haven't seen a single one available in the US from any cordless manufacturer (perhaps Husqvarna has one that I haven't seen). Even Ego has a handlebar design for their popular 15" 56v trimmer. But, guess what, you can't get it in the US.







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