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Epic Fail.....


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so wouldn't ya know it Canada has 1 bridge that connects east and west just 70 miles east of our city, they have been replacing the bridge for the last 3 years with a quad lane or 2 lane split, expansion bridge. At the end of Nov the first half of the new bridge opened for traffic, and they started to dismantle the old section well today the temperature hit -30C and an expansion joint failed on the new side closing the bridge from a 2 foot drop. they already started removing the old section so there is no traffic going east or west. for west bound the closest in back tracking to Sault St Marie almost 365 miles to travel through the state side.....epic fail.....





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ya can't imagine being the guy that gets that call......

ring ring ring.......

"good morning, Dewe Facup and Howe Engineering how can I help you?"


"Your Bridge Broke!" 


"Can you explain broke?"

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ok so I have a degree in fabrication engineering, now i have to admit I never built any bridges but have been part of building many other large things.......so in saying that for some reason putting 150 tons of weight on a broken bridge to straighten it out doesn't seem right to me............just sayin.....another epic fail coming on?......



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Hope the got the lifetime warranty version of that bridge!! The Zilwaukee bridge in Michigan is a nightmare bridge also it took way longer to build than expected. The funny thing is now they didn't need to build it as high now as the river gets no traffic on it anymore :)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zilwaukee_Bridge

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Without knowing what the substructure on the bridge is I hate take a guess at what exactly failed. I know personally on one of my bridges I try to not go off half-cocked with a solution and I'm hoping for the safety of everyone using and that will use that bridge, these guys are doing the same thing.

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