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I got a new truck


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That is one sexy Rig! I used to hate dodge trucks but lately I have been dreaming of them. As far as retractable bed covers go I can't help ya I have not priced one in a long time. All I know is I will Never buy a Velcro cover again. I am a saddle box guy all the way. My work truck has one and the next truck I buy will too. Congrats on the purchase too!

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That's an awesome truck.  I've always been torn on getting a nice pick-up. Do you get a kick ass truck knowing that you're going to beat the crap out of it hauling lumber, tools, dirt, etc.?  If you're not planning on working your truck, why did you buy a pick up in the first place?  I'm always suspicious of all of the tricked out trucks that have never seen a day of work since they rolled off the lot.


(Then again, my answer has always been to borrow a buddy's truck for my heavy hauling, so I probably don't get a vote :D)

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Actually it's not too bad. My last Dodge got 22 highway. My new Tundra gets about 16 everywhere. I was at a light this past winter. I'm in my gorgeous 2014 Tundra. 5.7l. This brand new 14 Ram pulls up next to me....5.7. Vroooom vroooooooooooom vroooooooom! My wife starts laughing. I step on it, VAVAVAVAROOOOOOOOOOOM! Light flashes green, squeal of tires and the Ram is gone. Put put put I pull out onto Route 11 laughing my butt off. I tel my wife....."what a rookie...that putz just went from 18 to 2 mpg" :D

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