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Milwaukee Power Tool Deal Thread


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I have been waiting for a deal on Milwaukee power tools.  If you know of a deal or when to expect another Milwaukee power tool deal let me know.  I have been waiting for something like a "Buy a tool & get a free battery". 

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Many online dealers have a buy a kit get a battery free. M18 gets a 3.0 XC. Fuel gets a 4.0 XC. CPO throws in a flashlight as well as the battery if you buy a fuel kit. As for bare tools, I'm waiting for that as well. There was a buy two bare tools get a battery free last month. There's no telling whats coming up as Milwaukee's putting out a new generation of tools in a month.

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I've seen some HD's have clearances on the M18 6 1/2 circular saws, oscillating tools and jig saws. They're probably being upgraded to new models. If you get lucky you can score them as low as $30. Not bad if you can find them.

I have to check the local HD today I'd grab all three if they where $30.

I'm watching for a deal on a 2457-20 3/8 M12 wrench 


2668-20 3/8 M18 Impact Wrench

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Everything indicated the impact but if you look at description it says flashlight!

Now that's just dirty. Pays to keep your eyes open. Thought that was too good to be true.

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I will never understand Amazons pricing 

Not everything listed for sale on Amazon is sold by Amazon itself.  Anyone can sell goods on Amazon for any price they want to sell them. It's a little bit like setting up a store in a mall.  Sometimes you see things listed for ridiculously high prices for no good reason.

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Like I said.

It's probably too good to be true.  Label is of the 3/4 Impact.  Description is about a light.

I'm not going to try. 

If I needed a battery the light with the battery is worth $62. 

If you get the impact great deal.

If you get both super!

Never heard of them before so I'll wait and see if the gutsy guys that ordered lucked out or got got nothing.

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