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My DeWalt Tough System Collection


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Do you have a link for the HD deal, or for garage journal on how to find these?!

I not real good with links...

1) First find a local HD with the Tough Systems in stock and check the price

2) If they are on clearance buy them all

3) if they are still full price, print off the pic I posted and ask for a price match.

Online stock and in store stock is some times different so have the SKU number for the HD employee so they can check inventory of you.

I found 4 by looking in the rafters so it takes some time and effort.

Go to www.garagejournal.com

Hot Deals Thread

Home Depot clearance ( it will be on the first page )

Post #3331 or so

I will try to post a link later in I can figure it out

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Not sure ......that's the pic from Garage Journal I was able to use for a price match. Check your local in store "Price App" and search for DeWalt and you may score a deal. Computer is located at the Pro desk and it is for customers to use.

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Thanks Ricky!! sorry u had to go through drama with that dude...that would've really pissed me off

That wasn't my story. It was whoever posted it on Garage Journal. I just screen shot to share here.

I've stopped by four HD's between yesterday and today. It's a handy little tool. One woman said I wasn't supposed to be on there but it was OK because she was there. Nobody else had a problem with it. One guy came up chatted about everything except what I was doing. Played with my son for a minute and left me alone.

So far, I haven't been able to find many deals that were in stock. Everyone is sold out of everything on clearance. I found a tool box upper that was marked as clearance except it was still full price. I showed the department manager the screen shot from other stores showing it was $63 and he said he can't do it.

I did find DeWalt air tool oil (rebranded bostitch) for $0.50 a bottle. Retails at $2.XX. I just don't like HD. From my investigatory conversations, it appears that HD has weekly margin budgets that must effect their compensation. I've inquired about discounts on open items on Friday and was told to come back Monday as they've approached their "number" for the week. Lowes has a policy in place that the zone managers can mark things down to 10% of original MSRP before it flags in the system when they use their override card. Hence the reason why I have so many drills and batteries. I don't think I have paid over 50% of list price for any of the combos as they were open items that people returned.

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