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Titanic Columbian N0. 608


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Look what I found today basically free! With 8" jaws, 12" opening, 15" tall an absurd 36" footprint from tip to tail when fully opened up, and weighing right around 200 lbs., it's almost impractically big. 


 It came out of the New York Central Railroad Car Shop at the end of town. Conrail shut it down after they went private in the late 80's and it sat in the back of the local car club garage until my buddy bought it last year.


The pics really don't do it any justice.

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Dammit that looks awesome!! I kinda like the aged look, but with a good wire brushing and a rattle can of paint it could look good too.  Where are you going to mount it It's nice though I can't image what it would cost to replace a vise would be now.

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Everyone who has walked through my shop has been like "DAMN!"

It's gonna get a complete refurb. It's in pieces as we speak. I'm actually used this vise as justification for ordering the powder coating set up I've been waiting.

Dan wants me to document my process, so we'll see a full story on it for sure.

I certainly didn't need a vise this large, but I sure as hell wanted it, lol.

A big vise is handy to have around if you have the space.

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Nice score, That thing is a beast.

Here's it's little brother sitting on my workbench.


That's a beautiful hunk of iron for sure. I'm conflicted on what color to do. It appears it was grey originally. I'm leaning toward black as I have a Wilton I'm working on that will be red, but I'm also considering navy blue with white letters.

I'm going to polish the jaws, handle, and slide, but the color is still up in the air. That's one of the great things about redoing vises, they're almost like a blank canvas.

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