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Gas prices in your area.


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well I got ya all beat...$1.20 a Litre and you can times that by 4.33L for a gallon......our Canadian Gallon is larger the in the USA so times it by 3.78L to be same as USA

so we pay approx $4.53 for a US gallon and $5.19 for Canadian gallon

it hit $1.49 a litre just a few months ago......

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Southern Indiana has been around 2.40 to 2.50 for gas and diesel is about 2.20. About six months after I bought my Cummins, diesel prices jumped up and have stayed that way until about now. We actually run used cooking oil in some of our farm trucks as well as heat the big shop. If you haven't smelled it, the exhaust actually smells kind of good. My uncle always jokes that he can tell when we are running it because all of the cats and fat girls that follow us on town!

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The last years it's been around $ 2,6 per litre here in Norway. If we are to trust the media, it is the highest petrol prices in the world. No wonder we got the highest ratio of Tesla's (and other EL cars too). :P in 2015, around 20 % of every new car bought is pure electric, or 1,5 % in total)


This year though, the local currency when down the drain becouse of the falling oil prices (Norway's economy is heavily dictated by crude oil prices), so the conversion seems much better in USD  ($ 1,89 pr. litre), even though the petrol and diesel prices is almost unchanged. 


Diesel is usually around 9-10 % lower. 

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