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Challenge From my Son.....


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my son came to me late last night and ask if I could make him a wood sheath for a Buck 192 hunting knife, it's not a very large knife and I would except the challenge.....

I made it out of of course black ash and maple......added a leather blade guard inside so blade will not touch wood.

blade slides in right until last 2mm then clicks tight. Shaped it so it resembles a knife blade itself. Added a leather belt hoop...here is what I came up with......













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thanks guys, 

@bigmike, yes he was and now that I met his requirements and I guess got his approval, he wants me to do some fancy ones for his sword collection, he has some spectacular swords including an Italian long sword, russian shasqua, two handed great sword.....not sure if I will be making one for all of them but most likely....he is picking the wood as we speak I told him take all the time he wants I'm on the clock since yesterday...lol

@dwain actually quite simple, I first traced the blade itself on a planed piece of 1/4" maple, cut it out 1/16th larger on one side and 1/8th on blade side so I could fit leather strip to protect blade, then sandwiched it between two pieces of 3/16th black ash once dry I cut out shape and sanded it from 80gt to 640gt rubbed boiled linseed oil.

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